Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Fitness Pal

So Amber has put me on to an app for my phone (not an iphone –Number 4), it’s online too ( it lets to track your calories and such.  You can scan barcodes of items, I have yet to come across one that will not scan and not have full info for it.  You can also type in things and it will search for them and select the most matching item on the list.  You can choose your number of servings and things.

One neat feature it that you can save whole meals, or copy items from one day to another so you don’t always have to be searching for things endlessly.  It is a very efficient way to track calories and I wish I could have had it while I was really religiously counting my calories for weight loss.

You can also put in the exercise you do in the day and it will give you a calorie value for that as well.  It then calculates the difference between the two and measures that against your goal amount and gives you an analysis of the numbers and what it means for you and your goal.

Pretty useful all around.  You can even add friends to your account on it and see what they are up to and so on.  For those that like to feel accountable in their weight loss or fitness that could be a good thing, or you could be inspired by what someone else is doing and stuff.  If that’s your gig and you’d like to add me I’m Chrispy47 on there,

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