Friday, August 31, 2012

The Last Friday Of Summer

Not on the calendar, but everyone knows it.  School is back in next week for anyone under 18, and a whole lot of people older than that.  So many of my kids at daycare are heading off to their first year at kindergarten.  I have taken today off work and yet here I am at six o’clock typing, stupid internal clock!  Yet yesterday my body was totally willing to sleep in! What gives?!

It has been a good summer, I ran lots, I rode my bike lots and I think this weekend I will meet both my running distance goal for the year and my biking distance goal!  How nice is that?

I am excited for the fall and some nicer cooler fall weather.  I think that fall is my favourite season.  Hockey will be starting up in a month, I have a Zombie run scheduled! And running or biking after work will become a bit more enjoyable as the temperature drops a little bit.

During the summer months I ran 239 kilometres and biked 432 kilometres! not too shabby from June 1st until this morning (though I will be doing one or the other of those things today to boost the numbers a bit).  I’m only about 7K away from my goal of running 500k this year and just short of 100k away from biking 700k!

I think it might be time this morning to change those goal numbers and instead of a total of 1200k, shoot for a total of 1500k.  Should be doable.  If I decided to do all that running and riding down south I would end up just past Winnsboro in South Carolina!


Or I could almost make it through Ontario getting just past Thunder Bay!


Yeah Ontario is HUGE!


You might be wondering where the pictures from the mud run are, well there aren’t any, well not any good ones!

no photos

That’s all I got.  Two pictures!  Crappy, they aren’t even action type photos.  I was really hoping for one where I was leaping over the hay bails.  I’m glad I got good pictures from the Warrior Dash, and I really hope there are good ones from Run For Your Lives!

That’s about it I think.  I’m awake and bored, hopefully you are less bored now.



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  1. Wow! I should totally track my runs and add them up. I wonder where I could travel.