Thursday, August 16, 2012

Our Dishwasher Washes Dishes!

Seems obvious right?  But sometimes it is the little things that make you excited while at work.  Since I have been here we’ve had to pre-wash our dishes and then put them in the washer to be sanitized.  It was not a terrible thing, but not exactly how that particular machine is supposed to work.

The other day it made a huge clunking sound and stopped working altogether.  We washed and sanitized dishes with the three sink method that day, it sucked.  The repair man came and said something along the lines of ‘How have you even been using this thing?!’  Well, we’ve been washing our dishes first.

Now the machine works as it is supposed to, I put the pot from the homemade cheese sauce from our Mac and Cheese lunch today in the thing, and BOOM! Clean!  Nice!

Other things that make me happy at work:

  • When it’s not too hot
  • When it’s not too cold
  • Lower numbers than expected
  • A potty training kid goes on the potty!
  • Early pickups
  • Being in the toddler room at nap time, and they are all asleep
  • Good lunches
  • Good snacks – like nacho dip!
  • Stories with other Educators
  • Lunch room chats
  • When someone brings coffee
  • When experiences with the children go well

That is about it off the top of my head, still a pretty good list though.

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