Sunday, February 24, 2013

Chris Grew To Lvl. 11

So I went to the gym today, the day after I missed my hockey game because I had the wrong time in my brain and I didn’t get the email about the change.  I decided, since my legs were fresh I would be a good day to take another crack at The Beep Test.

Last time I only made it to level 9, and when I walked out of the gym that time I told JT that I would be at level 11 next time.  I made good on my word.  I was pretty gassed at the end, but I couldn’t do any more.  A score of 11, if I am remembering right, scores me perfect if I was in the police foundations course at college.

After that it was on to squat day.  I of course was not content to use the same weight as I had the time before.  I only added ten pounds, so still only a weight of 145 pounds, but I was about to do a LOT of squats.

By the time I was done it was 418 squats.  Gah, I pretty much collapsed at the end of those 16 minutes!

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