Sunday, February 17, 2013

What A Great Day

Yesterday was awesome!  It started out with a trip to the gym where I was ecstatic to go and use the new programs that Jodi had invented for me.  After perusing how busy the gym was at 8am on a Saturday I decided to do one of the programs where I needed the rack.  Let’s try out this Bear Complex thing for myself.

There is a bit of a warm up built into the program, so I did that. After the little mini run I did on this program Thursday night I put only 30 pounds on the bar for a total weight of 75 pounds.  Not a lot of weight, but on Thursday I could not get it done with 95 pounds to do four reps in one minute.  I think the 75 pounds was a little light though because I was doing the reps in about 25 seconds.

Bear Complex

From there is was on to ten minutes of Pull ups and Thrusters. One minute to do 10 Pull ups, wait until that minute is up, and then a whole minute to do six Thrusters, then wait and repeat this process five times.  I kept the weight on the bar the same as the Bear Complex, but I probably should have had the bar at 95 instead.


The final part of this workout is Dips and the Overhead squats.  Dips I find very difficult due to my old shoulder injury, I simply cannot go to a 90 degree bend on the elbow and then push back up, it is too painful.  So I go as far as I reasonably can.  Ten dips, wait for the minute to run out.  Then it’s on to Overhead squats.  I thought I should up the weight on the bar since it’s a squat exercise so the bar was at 95 pounds.  I get the bar fully extended over my head, elbows locked shoulders shrugged up and do six squats.

Overhead Squats

Since the bar is slightly behind my head I don’t think my shoulder completely agrees with this exercise either, but I’m hoping it will help to strengthen it up a bit.

The afternoon was spent helping out and supporting a friend at a service for her dad that recently passed away.  It was pretty nice and she did very well speaking while I ran the slide show we put together the night before.

Then it was on to hockey!

The first game I played net, I was not awful, I was not great.  I got lit up on a couple of breakaways, but then I made a few good saves too through screens and one really nice glove save.  The real highlight was the next game.  I was playing with my usual line mates, Jeff and Mark.  the first goal for our line I started with a pass across the rink, that Mark had once chance, got his own rebound and put it in.  Our line’s second goal was a nice back and forth by Jeff and I.  He passed it to me on the left side of the rink, I carried the puck up over the opposing blue line, dished it back to him and he rifled it to the top corner of the net. Our third goal was mine.  I don’t know who passed it to me but I took the puck on the right side of the ice near the opposing blue line, nodded my head left, but deked right around the defender, cut back a bit toward the middle of the ice and fired for the far side of the net. Goal.

What a great day!

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  1. It all sounds very fun! I always love your enthusiasm.

    :-) Marion