Sunday, February 10, 2013

I Like To Move It!

Since standing around makes my back hurt I went to the gym with an insane program of almost my own design today.  So insane that part way through I was forced to dial it back a little!


I wrote it out before I left the house.  As you can see I know my arm day routine without even looking it up, a sure sign it needs a change up.  Originally I added in five 2k runs and ten sets of 50 pushups!  For some odd reason I figured a 10k run would only take 35 minutes, oops.

Once I got to the gym I added in the box jumps and long jumps as a way to warm up my body before doing the bench press.  Ashley saw me there doing the long jump thing I suppose.  She might think I’m crazy, I’m sure most folks at the gym do.

The good part about breaking up the run was that I could run at a higher than usual speed for the distance I planned on going and it kept my heart rate up for the whole time I was at the gym.  The bad part was that as I just explained earlier today, I had played 2 hours of hockey the night before and my legs were not as into the whole thing as I was.

You can see that I scratched off a couple things, and then ended up doing them anyways.  That was the ‘we are going to be here forever’ side of me and the ‘a 1k run only takes four minutes, suck it up’ side of me arguing.  I did have to switch to 1k runs instead of 2k runs in the later stages though, my legs did not want to go that far today.

You can also see that I guessed I would be at the gym for only about 70 minutes.  I was more like 110 minutes on the floor, that did include a bit of a chat with Ashley though, so like 108 minutes of work!

I also made a new playlist on my ipod for working out today.  It looks like this:

It’s a bit all over the place!  But I think that was the point when I made it this morning.


  1. LOL, It's funny that you have Weird Al on your workout playlist!

    Ok, how many times have you burst out into random dance moves? I see quite a few songs that would make me shake it!

    1. I rock out a bit when I'm riding the spin bike. Usually when I am riding my actual bike I sing along while I am riding. No actual dance moves so far at the gym. I don't really dance at all... ever...