Friday, February 15, 2013

Fitness Assessment And Crossfit

Yesterday I did another fitness assessment.  As far as I think it came with mixed results.  I was really expecting to see some gains in muscle size what with all the heavy lifting I have been doing recently.  I was also expecting to see similar skin fold measurements to the last time as I have been doing a fair bit of running recently.  Mainly though I was looking for the percentage of body fat to go down.

My Body fat percentage was the only success on that list.  Today I was at 8.4%, down 0.7% from last time.  I consider that a success.  9.1% was not bad, but down in the 8’s is better.

Untitled-chart 1

What I was most shocked about was the skin folds.  I was very surprized to see that the iliac crest and subscapular had jumped up so high.  I’m not sure what to make of this really.  I thought I was working all those bits and I have felt like I can see more definition in my body.  I suppose some of these millimetres could just be due to the pinch itself, but still.

chart 2

I did find this a little perplexing.  I can lift WAY more than I used to, for instance back in November my maximum bench press was 165 and now my maximum was 235.  Or Bicep curls previously my max was 27.5 and last Saturday I did 50s.  So I was a bit shocked to see that nearly all my muscles measurements were down, only my chest is noticeably bigger by measurement.

So I’m happy about the body fat, not so happy about the skin folds and a bit confused about the muscles.

The other thing we did was that Jodi showed me a three new programs for the gym, based on crossfit. I’m pretty pumped about it.  They are “quick” hard workouts!  I did a bit of a mini run on one of the programs yesterday that included the ‘bear complex’.  When I heard that name I accused her of making it up just to mess with me.  It looks like this:


I’ll outline that full workouts as I do them and try to get some videos up of me doing a few of these things.  For yesterdays mini workout I tried the bear complex with 95 pounds to start, sadly it was a bit much for doing 4 reps every minute for ten minutes!  We shall see how it goes once I’m really in gear to go full bore.

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