Tuesday, February 12, 2013


A few months ago I was asked to be interviewed and have an article on a couple of websites.  Fitfluential was one of them ( http://fitfluential.com/2012/09/fitfluential-transformation-chris-barnes-of-wisdom-courage-power/).

A few times a week FitFluential hosts like a Q&A on twitter and I finally last night got to be a part of the whole thing just by chance of when I checked twitter.  I’m not a huge twitter user, in fact most of my twitter posts are just from here, updating when I have a new post to my blog.  I should get better at using it.

It was pretty cool though.  There is a theme to the Q&A and some other place usual co-hosts and gives stuff away.  If you are a big twitter user, you should check them out @FitFluential.

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  1. Hi Chris! Well, I think you are awesome(!) and bet there are a lot of guys, in particular, who can relate to your "before" story and want your "after" story for themselves. I wish you a big following. :D

    :-) Marion