Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day Two Of Crossfit

I went to the gym today, big surprize.  And on the menu was the bench pressing day.  First there was the warm up, same as yesterday, and then finding out my one rep max for bench press.  I decided, since I hate asking for a spotter, that I would do the bench press on the rack, that way I could put the safety bars at a spot where I would not get crushed when I got to the point where I could no longer lift.  I was supposed to do a bunch of sets as I worked my way up to my maximum.  Today I managed 225 as my most and failed twice at 235.

After that it was a challenge to do maximums of bench press with 70% of what my max was, and pull ups.  So bench pressing 165 pounds, after five rounds I did 64 presses and 47 pull ups.  It was pretty hard.

After that it was on to back extensions to try to help out my lower back and then I ran 5k and then biked 5k on the spin bike.


Not too shabby I must say really.  I have now travelled over 284 kilometres and done 14000 push ups since January 1st!  Nice!

Also, here is yesterday’s workout sheet, I meant to put it up but forgot.



  1. I know this post isn't exactly about fitness journaling, but it does work great to have a list for the gym and check it all off before you go--which is what you show above. I've been doing that for almost 6 years now, ever since I realized that all of the best people of the gym fitness journaled, and I wanted to be in that group too. :D

    :-) Marion

    P.S. Amber has a great post up right now.

    1. Yes, I love Amber's post on Learning to Love the Gym (check it out on the right!). Yeah I have been doing these check lists ever since I starts with Jodi, so June of 2010. They give me direction at the gym, and when I grow tired of my current workouts I can go back to old ones, or I just meet with her again and get more new ones!

      It's a really factual way to see how your have progressed and to see what exercises you like/hate.