Saturday, February 2, 2013

Men’s Health Fitness Test

For Christmas Amber gets me a magazine subscription, this year it was Men’s Health.  In the November issue the magazine they outline seven tests for being fit, and they claim Men’s health fit is the pinnacle of fitness, or health or whatever.

So, here’s the tests:

Standing long jump

Men’s Health Fit: 8 feet or more – Check, just barely though
Above Average: 6-8 feet
Ordinary: Less than 6 feet

Squat, curl and and push press 20 times (with 30% of body weight in hand)

MHF: 20 in a minute – Check, 23
AA: 18

Perform One Controlled Wall Squat

MHF: One fully controlled all the way down squat – Check, easy
AA: Halfway
O: Less than half way

Score Level 12 on the beep test

MHF: level 12 or more
AA: level 11
O: level 9 – Boo, but I have been training for distance, not sprinting recently

Deadlift 1.75 times your body weight

MHF: 1.75 times your weight
AA: 1.5 times
O: Body Weight – Fail – I’m horrible at deadlift, and worried about hurting my back doing it

Do 10 clapping pushups

MHF: 10 – Check, I did 15 actually, then 10 more
AA: 5
O: No Claps

Hold a plank for more than 3 minutes

MHF: More than 3 minutes – Check, 3:27.94 woo!
AA: 2-3 minutes
O: 1 minutes or less


I have not gone out of my way to specifically try any of these, though I did do a 3:27 long plank the other day.  The only one that I don’t think I can do it the dead lift, I’m a bit afraid of putting my back out doing the form wrong.  I think though, I might try for a few more of these today at the gym.


  1. Let's see how I stacked up today
    Standing long jump - check, 8 feet but just barely
    Squat, curl, press - check 23 in one minute with 27.5 in each hand
    Wall squat - check, easily done
    Beep test - ordinary boo, possibly because I did all this other stuff before
    Dead lift - fail - I'm terrible at dead lift and wary I'll hurt my back lifted about my body weight. Ordinary
    Clapping pushups - check did 15 and then 10
    Plank - check 3:28

  2. Haven't you done the beep test before at a higher level? It did not surprise me you were so successful with these tests. I still think a jump of 8 feet is as ridiculously superhuman as I thought it was when we compared our jumps to that of a frog at the zoo.

  3. I have done level 11 before. But I think this training for distance has routed my sprinting for the time being

  4. I posted the women's version of the test here