Monday, February 18, 2013

Friend Making Monday–Blogger To Blogger

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Blogger to Blogger


1.  Does your blog have one overwhelming theme?

I’d say the majority of my posts are about fitness, or how to be motivated to do fitnessy stuff, or what I have learned along the way.  A few random things get in there too.

2. How did you come up with the theme(s) for your blog? Was it intentional?

Yeah it was intentional.  I wanted a place where I could just spout off on my thoughts and I thought a few other folks might find that interesting.

3.  Share something cool that has happened in your life as a result of blogging.

I have been interviewed by two websites, FitFluential and My Rebody.  Also one of Amber and my friends who reads the blog called up the local paper after I did Run For Your Lives and I was interviewed by the paper.  All that was pretty awesome!

4. How much time to do spend reading blogs everyday?

Depends on the day.  Like here on Friend Making Monday I’ll probably spend at least an hour popping around to different blogs.  Most other days I just read ones with new posts that I follow, so maybe half hour or so.

5.  Do you blog on the weekends?

Yes, yes I do.  Some of my better posts are weekend posts.  Weekends are when I do most of my interesting stuff anyways.

6.  Do you keep track of your stats?  Do they matter to you?

I keep track of stats for way too many things!  Blog stats for sure, my stats for hockey, my stats for running and biking, everything.  Do they matter?  Some do things more than others of course, I mainly just like to see where I am at.

7. How do you decide how much to share about your personal life?

If it makes for a good or at least interesting story or insight, I’ll share it.  I have had a few things up here that I thought might get me in trouble with people I know or at work.  But I generally have a positive spin on stuff so it has all worked out so far.

8. Do you aspire to be a writer, or did blogging happen for some other reason?

I like writing, but I couldn’t be a writer.  A book by me would be too short.  For instance:

How to lose weight, by Chris Barnes.

Chapter One

Eat less.

Chapter Two

Do More.

The End

9. As a blogger, do you think it’s more important to write for yourself, or for your readers?

I think I write from myself to my readers.  Like we are all friends at a party or something and I am telling a story.  Hey guess what I did today, or learned the other night?!  Sometimes that story is good and people respond and it starts conversation.  And then I go read their blog to see what they have to say at this party and it all just keeps going.  If I only wrote for myself I don’t think this space would be nearly as entertaining.

10.  What kind of plans do you have for the future of your blog?

Oh, you know, like words and stuff, posts.  I would like it if it could be integrated more into social media, like here I talk and talk and talk, and it reflects quite a bit of my personality, but say facebook has more pictures of stuff and little one liner comments that people might enjoy, it offers a greater chance for more interaction.  That I think is what I like most about this, interaction.


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  1. Whatever reasons you have, Chris, your blog works. It shows details of why a fit life is so happy for you. It provides a good deal of blueprint for someone who is interested in going from fat to fit to emulate.

    :-) Marion

  2. I'm a new follower, love your fitness enthusiasum...and through this post I just got to know you a little more. I have nominated you for the 'Very Inspirational Blogger' Award. you can find more details on my blog

  3. Interesting take on question 6 -- I'd thought only of blogging stats, but I'm religious about my running stats!

  4. I agree with Carina. I took the question about stats to refer specifically to blogging stats. I track my fitness goals and weight loss progress religiously. Hmmm...

    I answered the FMM questions too this week.

  5. I'm here from FMM too. I love your answer to number 8 - I'd read your book...if only I could follow it's advice.