Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sometimes You Just Need To Run

Today at work I was so not feeling it.  After the disaster that was Monday February 11th, my day was not going badly, but I had just had enough.  So I called in a supply and got the OK from my supervisor and took a ‘mental health’ (half) day.

I didn’t have a plan for what I was going to do for the afternoon beyond not work.  I came home, my car slid down my driveway, again.  I got my car unstuck, again. I had lunch and watched Duck Dynasty.  I “fixed” my bumper with some hockey tape and then I got my gear and went to the gym.

Running and Biking, that would solve what ails me.  I got on the spin bike and biked 5K, then I got on the treadmill and ran 5k more.  Right at the end of that run Jodi was passing by.  We chatted a bit.  Her schedule is crazy with clients and training the volleyball team at Fleming and doing the workouts for the Police foundations program as well. I said I took the afternoon off work and just had to come do something. “Sometimes you just need to go for a run eh?” She said, I agreed.  She apparently has some crossfit type of program in mind for me when we meet on Thursday, I’m really pumped for that.  I went and biked another 5K after that little chat.

I came home and dropped my car off to be estimated for actually being fixed, and Amber brought me home, seemingly ditching her plan to go to the gym.  I told her she was being ridiculous that two minutes earlier when she picked me up she was going to go to the gym, but now that I had already been to the gym she wasn’t going to go.  So I said I would go again and go to the YMCA with her so that we were both going in again and not just her.  Eventually she realized that it was silly to just change her mind like that and we went to the Y.

I ran beside her and offered a few thoughts on her use of the treadmill.  She would like to run faster, but also for a longer amount of time at once.  I suggested that to increase her speed she needs to do some sprints, and to increase her actual running time that she just needs to push for longer times and at first do those two things in different workout days.  She ended up with a new best time for her 3K run, 26:20!  Nice!  I ran another 5K while beside her.  I was running a bit slower than I had been earlier in the day so that I could still be talking to her as we ran.

Then it was home for pancakes!  It is shrove Tuesday after all.  Yum!  Taking the afternoon of was probably my best decision of the year to that point.  And going to the gym twice just so Amber would go was the best one of the day.

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  1. I completely agree . . . sometimes you just need to run. =)

    I'm a little behind in my reading, sorry. =)