Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Secret Is: I’m Always Sore

We had a grading last Saturday at karate, it is my job at a grading to run the warm up and put the boot s to everyone.  I created something on the spot that was only about 12 minutes long, but a lot of people were tired at the end, including myself.  I took part in the grading, as so along with all the students I did all the kicks, all the punches, all the jumping jacks, crunchies and double the pushups throughout.

Now if you have not seem The Avengers, first get out from under your rock, it’s a great movie in many ways. But there is a part where Bruce Banner (The Hulk) as been asked what his secret is to keep turning into the big green monster under control.  He’s coy for a while and then right as he big fight is about to the begin someone says to him “you better get angry” (or something like that).  He goes “You asked me what my secret is, the secret is: I’m always angry!`as he turns into the Hulk.

Later after the grading Mike said to me something like I guess you don`t really get sore at all anymore?’  At the time I answered ‘no, not really’  I was thinking about it later and told Amber about the conversation.  Really what I should have said is that ‘Actually, I’m always sore.’

It’s not that I am always in pain or anything, but just that I nearly always feel like my muscles are worked.  I could literally have a massage every day and feel like I was being torn apart (and love it).

At first I was sore like ‘Oooohhhhh  my muscles ache!’ and now I’m just a bit sore, but it’s a good sore.  It’s not a sore that prevents me from doing anything.  It’s just something you get used to.  I think that too many people get that initial soreness and then feel that it’s too much and stop, or stop working hard.  If you fight through that beginning it soon feels way better!


  1. Hi Chris! Yes, I'm fairly disappointed if I don't feel the subtle muscle burn the day after a big workout. :D

    :-) Marion

  2. Very glad you posted this...because I'm not achy...but almost constantly sore. :-) I'm sadistic enough to like it (well, maybe not like...but I'm proud of it because it means I"m doing somethign good for my body!)

  3. I'll echo the comment above. I love this post. I've tried to really turn up the intensity in the last few weeks, and my mileage is holding steady but still pretty high. And I am feeling it. Pretty much every day I get out of bed, I'm achy, sore and hurting. I'm still taking a rest day every week, but I love that soreness. It makes me feel like I'm improving. Right now my arms/pecs are so sore that I think I'd cry if I tried to do a few big arm circles. Love it!!!!