Monday, February 18, 2013

Oh God, My Legs!!

So yesterday i did my third and final new program that Jodi gave me.  It was a holiday here in Ontario and what better way to put it to use than to go to the gym while all the college kids have gone home and won’t be using the equipment that I want.

The final day is all squats.  Well a warm up and then squats.  So I did the warm up and then got set up on the rack.  The fist thing to do it the squat warm up where I was basically gauging the weight I wanted to use for this whole endeavour.  I settled on just 135 pounds.  I’m trying to build up back strength, not lift improperly and cripple myself.

So, the routine for the day (and part of why I chose a bit of a lighter weight) was to do as many reps as possible in one minute, with a break in between, for three rounds of Front Squats, Regular Squats and Air Squats.  Front squats you hold the bar on like your shoulders and collar bone.  Thankfully my shoulders are big enough to keep most of the weight off my actual collar.  Round one went well, when I started round two I did my front squat set, but the bar had rolled down my arms a bit so that I was supporting it more on my upper arm than my shoulder.  the problem with that is I was gassed and couldn’t lift the bar back up on the hooks.  I struggled with it for a bit, luckily I had the safety bars on and I was able to set it on there!

I finished my sets and then, since it had only been about 35 minutes I hopped on the bike and rode for 10k.


All in all I did 394 squats in 16 minutes!  Not too bad for my first go at it I would say!


  1. This post title is funny because all I could think today was, "OMG! My back and arms!" due to my workout yesterday. Even my arm pits are sore. :D

    :-) Marion

  2. wow...394 squats in 16 minutes...that's amazing