Sunday, September 9, 2012

Achievement Unlocked: Two-Wheeler

Today I got up and biked 13k.  Not very far really but I knew all I needed to meet my biking distance goal was 11k.  I have now peddled my way more than 700km since it got warm in April.

I’m not really sure how I ended up biking so much over the last few months.  I have had my own bike since I was a wee little squirt but mainly when I was young my bike was simple a mode of transportation.  I would ride my bike from our place in to Buckhorn to get a movie or to visit my friend Matt or Dan.  My dad simply refused to drive me.  He would point out that I had a bike and if I wanted to go visiting or to rent a movie that was how I had to get there.

One of my previous fitness attempts included a lot of biking, in fact it consisted only of biking and eating less.  It was pretty successful, I got down to 200 pounds from 220.  But like many fitness attempts by people once I had reached the goal, I gave it up and that was that.

In the last few summers I have been out riding my bike more and more but it wasn’t until this year that I actually decided to take note of how far I travelled by bicycle.  Much like my running I took note of both speed and distance though all in one category not divided up all over the place like my running was.  Since I was traveling greater distances over a variety of surfaces I felt it would all average out.

As far as distances go, here is the log of all my rides to date.


As you can see my longest ride was out to Omemee and back, that would be from the old house in Peterborough right along the rail trail.  The rides originating from the old house consisted mainly of rides on the bike trails – old railway beds made over for this new purpose.  Since moving to Bridgenorth the rides are mainly on roads, and far, far hillier.  Surprisingly this shift in topography has not hindered my average speed.  That average is 23.42km/h (14.55 mph) with is 1km every 2:34.  My highest average speed on one trip was 26.81 km/h on one trip out toward Omemee on the bike trail, I was trying to get in a quick ride before dinner and knew I had to push it to be home in time.

As I mentioned in my post about meeting my running distance goal I am going to aim for a total of 1500km this year now instead of my achieved 1200km.  But now it is without individual biking and running distance goals.

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  1. Wow, you have done that already today. ALl I have done is get up, make breakfast for the kids and turn my computer on with a bit of laundry folded and out away in between. wow, if only I could get to your side of energy.