Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What is something that you do well?

Now there is an interesting topic eh?  I don’t mind bragging at home to Amber about things I can do, but generally avoid doing so to the public at large as it’s a bit uncouth to do so.  Honestly I do quite a few things ‘well’, and not a lot of things ‘great’.  Sort of that Jack of all trades, master of none kind of thing.

If I have to pick one thing I would choose… Nose picking, sometimes I can really work out a good one.

That was when I was a kid though, so let’s choose something else.

I think that something I do well is teaching.  And really this is more of a ‘people have told me I am good at this so I am going to believe them’ kind of thing. 

I have only been a black belt at karate since November of 2010, but I have been helping to teach things at karate since I was a green or purple belt all the way back in 2004-2005 or so.  Many parents and adult students would tell that I was good at teaching and many asked if I was a teacher for my actual job.  At the time I was not (I’m not a school teacher now either), but teaching is part of my job now.

I’ve been a day care teacher, or Early Childhood Educator, or glorified babysitter or whatever you want to call it (seriously call it the second one, we like that) for about a year and a half.  I have been told by my co-workers that I inspire them (I doubt as much as they inspire me) and by my supervisor that I ‘really know my kids’.  I take their word for it.  If people who have been doing the job for 10+ years think I am good at it, who am I to argue? It’s very humbling I find to receive that type of feedback and compliments from those that I work with.

Have a different opinion?  Let me know!  But also, what are you good at?  Post it on your blog and link it here! Or a comment works too.


  1. Im good at laughing at myself.

  2. Hi Chris, have no fear! I'm just flipping my blog to self hosting and going full steam ahead at work. I will resurface soon. I can't say I'm good at teaching. In fact, children scare me a little :) That said, I think all the feedback you receive from others is a definitely sign that you're a great teacher!