Monday, September 10, 2012

List your 5 favourite healthy living / fitness blogs

I’m actually surprised to find that I even have five.  I didn’t think that this really was my reading material of choice when it came to blogs but there is no arguing with the blog reading list I guess.  I only have a few non-fitness type blogs and they are of the hilarious variety.

So, the list.

Learning to Love the Gym
This is my wife’s blog and while she is not the type to be offended if I didn’t include her, it is a good blog, well written and sometimes funny

Affection For Fitness
I get the feeling that Marion and I have fairly similar approaches to our time at the gym.  We want results and we know how to push ourselves for them.

I Dream Of Skinny
I came across Holly’s blog maybe a month or so ago.  She looks pretty in shape to me, but she’s striving for more.  I like her style and that she’s really interactive one her own blog, and on mine (I like me some comments)!

All The Weigh
Kenlie has accomplished a lot and writes about it really well.  I enjoy nearly everything she writes and really like the whole Friend Making Monday thing!

Less In My Dress
I’ve only started reading what Hailey has to say, but it’s good so far.  And she’s done some pretty amazing work for herself.  I think I like blogs that talk more about doing than wishing they could.

So, that’s five.  I think that I should mention Fitness Cheerleader.  I only found it yesterday, but it is where the topic for this post and for one each day for the rest of the month are coming from.  Clearly there will be two post days here.  I like Janice from Fitness Cheerleader already, she seems peppy and active, if this topic had been further along than day two she might have pushed someone out of the list of five there.

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