Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Talk Like A Pirate Day–And Two Daily Blog Challenge Posts

First off, today be Talk Like A Gentleman o' fortune tide! How can this nay be a holiday really? But 'tis sort o' good that 'tis nay since then sea dogs an' land lubbers be at work shoutin' avast an' arrrrr an' such. If ye be havin' trouble talkin' like a swashbuckler (or postin' or commenting) go here an' use th' swashbuckler translator!


Does Nike’s Greatness Ad Exploit Fat Swabbies

I would say nay. I think th' message they be tryin' t' get across be that ere can be great if they put in th' effort. I would say that th' will an' determination required t' be ou' an' runnin' while ye be a big swabbie be far greater than th' drive 't takes t' run as someone who be fit.
't takes a lot o' courage t' set foot in a gym or t' start exercisin' in public when ye be overweight. Be swabbies lookin' at me? Be they makin' fun o' me? Ye be havin' t' be havin' th' will t' push that kind o' thinkin' t' th' side an' do th' work in a serious fashion unless ye want t' begin t' perceive yersef as a joke an' act accordingly.
Fer me th' ad strikes jus' as intended, here be a kid that be workin' toward greatness, an' Nike sells stuff that will help th' lad's do that.

What Be Yer Favourite Fall Workout?

Hockey! Arrr that’s a copout. 't’s nay a true workout, i play that fer fun an' 't happens t' be a good sprintin' type workout.

I think that me favourite fall workout be goin' t' be runnin' after work. I be havin' decided that I’m nay goin' t' drop runnin' in favour o' hockey this voyage, an' this voyage I be runnin' more than once a week, so 't makes sense. I think that runnin' in th' fall, especially in th' evenin', be goin' t' prove very enjoyable. Fall colours, cooler weather, 't be pretty an' nice t' be doin' all at th' same time.

Arrr, nay really 't be hockey, I can’t wait fer 't t' start, next week! I’ll again be playin' goalie an' fore one night a tides each. I hope this season I can score a wee more goals, but I won’t mind settin' up Jeff an' mark either.