Tuesday, September 18, 2012

An answer so long it needs it's own post!

Was it always this way Holly?

Nooooooo!  I feel like I should break that down though.  The 'oooooo' Part would be before I flipped the switch to get into shape.  The all I did was hockey hockey on Saturdays and then be sore all day Sunday (not to mention dying for air and back pain during the game).  And I did Karate.  Karate is not in itself a fitness thing, I got all the way to brown belt and did several extra gradings while big and it in no way made me thinner.  I was happy to eat crappy food and just do nothing besides those two activities.  The 'No' part is simply that when I began doing the whole weight loss and I'd say up to a year from then a well, when I had done what was planned out for me (by me), that was enough.  If I did one thing that day or whatever that was it.

I find I do a lot of things now I think for two reasons.  I set more far reaching goals along with small short term ones.  Like back in January I said I wanted to go 1200km either by running or bike, it was that idea that had (has) me out constantly running and riding, how far can I go?  I think too what helps is I do exciting type things, the mud runs and the warrior dash, playing hockey (coming up) they are fun things and knowing that I am doing things to be better for those events and such helps keep the momentum going.

I do think that is does have to do with the fitness level I have that helps keep the energy, but also that I am a competitive person, not only with others if the case arises (I threw down the 1000 push ups at Jodi at the gym yesterday!) but also with myself.  I like running faster, scoring more goals or getting more assists at hockey, biking farther, it is satisfying in and of itself besides the fitness benefits.

That was really long winded, but I hope it has the answers you were looking for.  :)

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  1. Awesome! Thank you! Love that you turned it into a post! I will take your wisdom and see what I can do here... Much appreciated!