Saturday, September 15, 2012

What Are Your Five Favourtie Veggies?

Well this seems like an easy topic.  In no particular order:

  1. broccoli
  2. potatoes
  3. corn (on the cob is best)
  4. peas
  5. carrots

There done.

I was never one of those kids that hated all veggies, but I know that as a child I used to eat my mashed potatoes with ketchup.  Which sounds really gross to me now!  I have always loved corn on the cob and I remember eating it so messily when I was young.  Doing the whole typewriter thing where I go down the cob with really fast small bites, say ‘ding’ through a mouthful of corn turn it as I went back the the other end and repeat the process.

For sure broccoli being on that list is something that occurred more in my adult life, it seems to be one of those things.  As I get older I like more foods, I even liked deep fried brussel sprouts at our anniversary dinner last year.

What are your favourites?


  1. Broccoli!!!
    I thought I was the only person in the world with this as my number one vegetable!
    Also, Kumara (NZ sweet potato) is a close number 2 because it is delicious and a very clean carb.

  2. I love potatoes. But you know what I love even more? EGGS (see posts 1&2 for the low down.)