Thursday, September 20, 2012

List your 5 new-to-you healthy food options

I’m not really sure I can answer that, I have long known what foods were actually good for me, but too often ate things that were not.  My diet has not changed all that much really.  Or maybe the problem is that I’m writing this more than two years since I dropped my weight and so the things that were new to me during are staples to me now.

So lets go back.

Cottage cheese.  When I was told by Jodi to eat more she suggested cottage cheese.  I made a face and she was like “what?”  I had cottage cheese at school when I was six.  My friend Josh used to bring it.  I tried it and I thought it was yucky.  But, yeah I tried it again 24 years later and i liked it.

Not ground beef.  I stopped eating ground beef when the weight loss was going on and that has continued.  I don’t think it’s particularly unhealthy, but it’s got double the calories of ground chicken.

Measured portions.  One option I decided to do with my food was to measure portions.  This was and continues to be a great control when it comes to things like pasta.  I could eat pasta all day, KD, fettuccini alfredo, just plain old spaghetti and sauce.  Being clever enough to measure it out before I cook it is a great option, and keeps things in balance.

English muffins over bagels.  I have some sort of bread in the morning, it used to be bagels.  I have nothing against bagels, they are yummy and filling, but by the time they have peanut butter and jam on them it was too many calories, hence, english muffins.

No fries.  My god I love french fries (or freedom fries or whatever you call them in the US now).  I used to work at a library in a *small* town every Tuesday.  From May until October there was a chip truck open across the street therefore dinner Tuesday nights was fries and a hotdog.  So good.  Soooo bad for me.  Since I started eating better I cannot eat more than a few fries before the grease makes me feel sick.  The alternative, homefries.  Cut up some taters, boil them till they are about 3/4 done, then a bit of butter in a frying pan and make them crispy.  Way less grease, and pretty yummy.

That’s my five, what about you?


P.S. I miss you french fries.


  1. hahaha - freedom fries! Oh hilarious. :) I love me some french fries, too...

  2. Frozen blueberries in porridge! I would eat it over sugary cereal any day of the week. I know what you mean about greasy food making you feel sick now too!