Sunday, September 16, 2012

So I Do This Now

The other day I was cruising around imgur as I most often do and I came across a picture of a bunch of perler bead creations that some guy made into fridge magnets.  I thought to myself, that’s cool and I could totally do that.

Sprite art is great, and cute.

On my first attempts I made Mario and Luigi


It was a little tricky because I had only bought a small peg board to make the creations.  So I had to make the bodies, melt them and make the feet and attach them to the legs.  It was neat and I think that once I get some peel and stick magnets they will look pretty good on the fridge.

Tonight I got a bit more ambitious and made two creations without a pattern and then one oversized thing that needed to be reset on the peg board twice.


The Triforce you should recognize, the other is a poke ball.  The big one there is a charmander sprite, I had to make the body, reset and do the bottom leg and most of the tail and then reset and do the top of the flame.

It’s pretty fun to make these things really, some people make amazing art out of them! I’m not sure I will get that involved, but the Mario, Luigi and charmander are all pretty cool.

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