Sunday, September 2, 2012

Highlight Of The Night

Today was paintball at Pete’s house.  We played most of our games over on the SGS field, known hereafter as Gilroy Field, it was a hot day but there was plenty of action.

Our main field of play sort of looks like this.

Field of play

During one of our games we were playing 3 on 3.  My team died fairly quickly and so it was up to me to take out Joe, Dan and Nick all on my own.  I snuck down through the trees along the side of the hill.  I shot Joe in the head and then scurried along the hillside.  Finally I climbed up among the piles at the top of the big hill.  Dan was crouched looking into the trees and I shouted ‘Mercy!’ at him.  He was done.  All that was left was Nick.

Turns out he was down in the trees by the last few piles of dirt at the bottom of the hill.  We exchanged a few shots while I was on the high ground and as he snuck back into the trees a bit more, I ran down to the top of one of the dirt piles.

ready to shoot

As I came to a stop, gun trained, he shouted ‘Mercy’ at me.  I said "’I’m not so sure, I have you too!’  Pete called out for us to stop. we were clearly at an impasse.  Since we were where we were Pete suggested that he would count to three and then it would be game on.  We agreed.

Pete began to count.  ‘ONE!’ I began to crouch my legs a bit, ready to move. ‘TWO!’ My plan formed.  I was going to jump backwards, and fire.  ‘THREE!’  I sprang up! Paintballs flew past me and mid jump I fired!  Pop, pop, pop!  ‘Stop! I’m out!’ Nick called from the trees.

Victory!  Best move of the year far sure!

The video doesn’t do it justice really!

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  1. Hi Chris,
    Congrats on taking out an entire team. I can see the confidence oozed over into your blog -- love the guide to awesome! :)