Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Dream Fitness Vacation

So this is my second entry in this blog a day challenge, and I’m not really sure how to take this title.  Like a vacation where I do lots of fitnessy things, or a vacation from fitness?

I’ll do both.

So my dream vacation for fitness stuff would involve what?  Um. I don’t know.  It’s not something I have thought about really.  I think that I would want to go somewhere that I could run and bike a lot.  Well, depends on the season I suppose too.  what comes to mind is the east coast or the west coast.  In the warmer type of weather I think I’d like to go out east.  Like Nova Scotia or something, seems like it would be a good place to ride a bike or run by the ocean.  I generally like seafood and I think it would make for a relaxing time touring around on a bike and doing various things.  I think on a fitness vacation I would leave the gym by the wayside and not worry too much about weights and things.

In the winter months I would want to go out west, actually learn how to snowboard for real, not just the goofing around I have done so far and venture up into the mountains to do some snowboarding and see some amazing things, hockey would be included of course, but mainly snowboard all day and cozy up in a chalet at night, I could handle that.

I think it’s a bit unusual that I immediately jump to exploring my own country rather than go somewhere exotic for fitness stuff.  I think now that I dissect it a little bit, that I would just generally be too hot if I went to Jamaica to run or whatever.

As a vacation from fitness, I’m not actually certain I could do that, but if I was forced, this is where I would go on a cruise and just swear to avoid the gym altogether and eat.  My god I would eat non stop on a cruise if I could.  Molten Lava Cake comes to mind, and steaks and pizza.  I eat those anyway, but it would be nice to not be considering about if I had made it to the gym before the days events at the time I was stuffing my face.  I generally don’t deny myself the foods I like, but it is always tempered with other events of the day now, it would be a nice little vacation to be free of that for a little bit at least.  I don’t think it’s possible anymore though.

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