Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How Often Do You Weigh Yourself?

I weigh in almost every, single, day.  My current streak is approaching 26 weeks of daily weigh-ins.  Wii Fit likes to keep me on top of details like that.  that would be half a year, in a row! and the break there? We stayed at Amber’s mom’s house for two nights and I missed *a* day.  the break before that?  I don’t even know!

The whole daily weigh in thing started for me when I was losing my weight back in 2010.  I wanted to see that little Wii Fit line go down and see my Mii get skinny.  It’s a bit of a routine thing now, no longer really necessary.  In fact I’m thinking of changing it a bit because the BMI as calculated by Wii Fit (simply taking into account age, height and weight and unable to measure things like body fat percentage) is doing me less and less use as I build muscle.  See as I build muscle, my weight goes up, which in Wii Fit’s eyes means I am heading toward being overweight again, which I am totally not.  So This tool may have outlived it’s usefulness now, so I need a new one.


  1. When I'm trying to lose weight, I weigh in every morning. If I skip couple of days, I'm pretty sure that I've gained 5kg or something.

    The longer one stays of the scale, the harder it is to get back on it... Like now I'm even scared to hop on, I'm probably heavier than a month ago :(

  2. I'm a daily weigher, 99% of the time it is extremely motivating, 1% of the time it annoys the bejeebus out of me. I find weekly weighing is too variable depending on what you ate the day before, weighing daily means I can take my lowest weight as my new "all time high score" and that's the number I use to track my weight loss.

  3. Muscle is def heavier. I HATE, HATE, HATE my scale. It is banished.