Friday, September 14, 2012

My Fitness Bucket List

Well here is something that I have never thought of before.  Mainly here this blog is more of a reflective thing.  I do things, then I write about the experience.  Or I hype things, and then do them.  I have no idea what’s on my Fitness Bucket List, in particular because I have no idea what is on my general bucket list.  I don’t really plan that far ahead.  I’m more of a call up your friend on Saturday morning and then go over, not a make plans a week ahead type of person.

So, all that said, my plans, and fitness plans are more of a short term thing.  I think that now that I have begun this swimming bit (thanks a lot Amber!) I might do like a try-a-tri or something.  Next summer I have been enlisted in doing the Tough Mudder, that will be cool.  If I had the scratch for a good bike, like a real good bike like my dad’s ($4000) I would totally do a bike race, I have the legs for it, but at the moment not the bike to do it.

I have pretty much zero interest, at the moment at least, to run a 1/2 or full marathon.  I think it would be boring, I think the fact that I have done a total of five races and three of them have been of the adventure variety (soon to be 4/6) should be a good indicator that I do not like the mundane sort of running for very long, 10k really is good enough for me and I have done that already.

I think maybe that my Fitness Bucket List is one of those things that I should have written while in the process of getting fit, because then I would have some things to cross off along the way.  I’ve found what I like, I’ve done the Warrior Dash (and totally would do it again), I’ve done a (couple) of 10k races.  I’ve bench pressed my own body weight, done 100 burpees (in a row).  I’ve done a lot of the things I can think off off the top of my head.

Ok here, as I wrote that out I thought of something, 1000 Push-ups in a day. That’s on my list. Oh, oh Bike 100k in a day on my mountain bike.  Do a try-a-tri (possibly even with my cheapy wal-mart bike).  I Don’t know.  Oh I do know!

Send me some suggestions! I’ll pick some things, then they can go on the list!  There, the possibilities are now up to you readers, that took a turn you didn’t expect huh?

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  1. I love the whole bucket list concept for fitness and life in general. One of my all time goals is to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro. It is both a fitness and life goal. I have set my sights on climbing it for my 50th birthday with my son who will be 16 years old then. This will give me time to save the money and also get in proper shape.

    Other fitness bucket list items: run a race in every state, learn yoga and make a regular part of my fitness routine, run a sub 1 hour 10K (I'm so close).

    I came here from Amber's site. I really enjoy the supportiveness between your two blogs.