Monday, September 24, 2012

Riding Our Bikes

After dinner tonight Amber and I went out riding our bikes.  It was a revelation!  She was actually bike riding, not going along on a bike, but riding it!  It was awesome!  We went out riding a few weeks ago and on that trip I have to peddle in my lowest gear just to go slow enough that we were together and I could get a bit of a workout just by peddling speed.

Tonight I had to ride just to keep up with her.  I was immediately excited.  We could ride to Lakefield and get ice cream!  Well not now because it’s cold and she works on the weekend, but in theory it is possible.  I was so impressed with how much she had improved in so short a time, she didn’t even really struggle up the hills, outstanding!

It makes me really excited for biking weather next summer when she has time off.  We can go riding together and do little trips or whatever.  It was fantastic!  I’m so excited!


Blog Challenge – Day 24 - Have you ever fallen for a fitness “gimmick”?

No.  Unless you consider that eating less and doing more a gimmick.  I’ve never taken a diet pill, tried a fad diet or anything like that.  When I realized that I had to get in shape I just put my nose to the grindstone and did it.

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