Sunday, September 9, 2012

Do You Workout With Others Or By Yourself? Why?

So I just stumbled across a blog that is having a blogger challenge.  Well, Challenge Accepted!

Now I can compete with this too! Yay!

The topic of the day is stated in the title up there, Do you workout with others or alone and why.  Quite simply I work out on my own nearly all the time.  This happens for a few reasons, scheduling is one of them, the gym I have chosen is another.  I only personally know a couple of people that work out at a gym. Each of them has memberships to a different place than me and really I am ok with that.  I’d rather just get to the gym and do my thing and get out.  Why would I want to wait around for someone else anyways?

As for running and biking well, I do that on my own too, I have run along with Amber as she biked before though.  I run pretty quick and so even with the people that I know of that run, they don’t live near me and we wouldn’t really end up running or biking together I don’t think.  Besides I’m usually going hard enough that I wouldn’t be able to carry on a conversation anyways.

I have swam a few times, mostly with Amber, this is more due to when she has chosen to go swimming though more than anything else.  I so far do need a break here and there when swimming and so it is nice to have someone to kinda check in with during that.

A few people have asked my to work out with them, and I have come to the conclusion that it’s generally just not a good idea for me to be in any sort of trainer role.  I’m too harsh I think, I know what I expected of myself and it’s unfair to put those expectations on to other people.

I don’t mind someone training me however, some of the funnest times at the gym have been when Jodi is making me do something insane and I tell her that we can’t be friends anymore if she’s going to treat me this way and everyone stars at me while I have to roll back on the floor then surge forward and leap to do a pull up.  Over and over again.

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  1. Thanks for joining the challenge! I have a hard time lifting weights with others - it's hard to find that perfect amount of chat without it getting in the way of the workout, or feeling like you're being rude for not chatting more.