Thursday, September 27, 2012

More Big News And Stuff

Well, imagine my surprise when I got a text from Amber that said the local paper wanted to interview me about the whole placing second in Run For Your Lives after having previously lost 80lbs.  It seems that Lynda, a long time friend of Amber, thought that this whole thing was big news having been the owner of the Millbrook paper a few years ago.

I go for this interview Sunday afternoon at the Wellness Centre here in town.  My choice of location and I figured that since I have done all my working out there it would be a good spot!  Once I have the actual interview in hand I’ll be sure to let you know!

Pictures are finally posted from the run as well, but unlike some of the other professional photo sites I have been to the expanded thumbnails are pretty small and they don’t send your digital purchase by email unless you want to pay through the nose for it!  So I have to wait for a CD to come in the snail mail before I can show you a good view of the shots and there are a few really good ones I think.

Today’s Blog Challenge topic:

Do you use any meal replacements or shakes?

No.  I did make a few smoothies back in the first summer of getting fit, but it was more of a convenient way of eating the meal rather than a replacement.  Bananas, strawberries, yogurt, milk, done.  Nothing like powders or whatever mixed in.

Tonight Hockey Starts!

I’m playing goalie tonight! Woo!  I’m excited to get back on the ice and since I have been asked to play net for my league team on Saturday, I’m also glad to get some time in net before a game that really counts.

I like this random aged, pick up style game each week and I’m really glad that I stumbled upon these guys a couple of years ago.  If you have nothing to do at all come out to Millbrook at 9:30 tonight.  If You want to see actual teams play, come 9:30 Saturday night! Yay!


  1. Wow - you are on a roll! Congrats! Can't wait to read the article and see some pictures!

  2. The article is in the paper today!