Monday, September 17, 2012

Your most embarrassing fitness story

I’m not sure I eve have one.  I did nearly fall off the treadmill once because I got distracted talking to Jodi and not paying attention to my feet.  Really though that’s about it.  I have willingly played a bit of the fool in aquafit when Alf and I would go with Amber and he and I would torment the instructor by singing along to the songs and generally being ridiculous, that’s not really embarrassing though because it was on purpose.

I’ve never really fallen over, split my pants or well anything that would make for a good story.  Personally I think my most embarrassing thing was taking my shirt off in front of Jodi the first time for the measurements, I was pretty self conscious at that point. It wasn’t as bad as if I had have done an assessment right on day one, but it wasn’t a very enjoyable experience.  Makes for a lame story though.

You - What’s your most embarrassing moment? 

Me - I had to take my shirt off! 

You - Ooohhhhhhh.  Fail.

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