Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Swim Like A Jungle Cat

With my face out of the water.

Like ‘eeeehhhhhh  I don’t want it in my nose’.

I have gone swimming now a few times.  Last Saturday I even went by choice without Amber.  When I was done I texted her and said ‘Curse you and your swimming’  Now I just have something else to be all obsessive over fitness wise.

I enjoy some of the separate parts about swimming, I like that it’s a good cardio workout.  I like that it is something I can compete with (not with actual swimmers but just regular people) and I think I like that it might lead to a triathlon next summer.  I don’t like water in my ears, or my eyes or up my nose, but that’s the price to pay for progress I suppose.

So I like swimming more than the average house cat now, but not as much as a dog (though I do a pretty good dog paddle).


  1. You sound like you swim just like me, maybe even better!

    Your fav RMT!

  2. Love it. Some day I'll get into swimming... someday...