Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What is one area of your fitness that you’d like to improve upon?

I think that I have spent a long time getting good at fitness.  In the beginning the main thing I had to improve upon was cardio.  There was no doubt.  Once I had taken care of the cardio thing I had to work on strength.  Once I had some strength to match my cardio I just had to keep on building upon what I had. 

Sometimes, looking back, it seems a bit overwhelming how much work I had to do from start to “finish”.  Now that I am where I am I think what I want to improve is just an overall type thing.  I just want to be better at things.  I think the next thing I want to be better at is swimming so I might be able to do a try-a-tri next summer.

Holly asked in her blog today ‘what motivates you?’ I think now there are a couple of things.  This general desire to improve different areas is one thing that motivates me.  The success of others is another, specifically Amber.  We rode all the way from Trent University to Lakefield and back last evening.  I was excited that she wanted to do that ride and while I was about to be content running for about 30 minutes before she pulled up beside me in her car, I was more than happy enough to spend just over an hour riding bikes together.  And as I mentioned the other day, I didn’t have to putz around on my bike for her to keep up, we both were riding.  That kind of thing makes me excited, and motivates me to do things.


  1. It would definitely be my cardio. I have had three heart attacks and bypass surgery so improving my cardio would be a great benefit to me.

  2. Hi Chris! I'm very proud of Amber! That is more than I've ever biked.

    I don't make big fitness goals anymore. I just try new things and see how it goes. For some reason, I meet more goals that way. (That's probably because I don't get so disappointed when I'm much worse when I try something new than I initially suspect.)

    :-) Marion